Steel Ladder Series

Regarding the steel ladder, there are 1 step stool (with adjustable handle), 2-4 step ladder (with fixed tool tray or functional tool tray). 

We designed the steel ladder is made of steel or steel + plastic material, so that realize a portable ladder.

For the top platform, we designed extra wide platform (max size: 41.1x35.6cm) so that it can make you climb and down safety and sit comfortably.

Besides, the anti-slip foot caps also can make you safety when you use.

The folded size is very slim for easy to carry and store, and you can store it in the crevice of the closet or refrigerator.

In addition, the steel step ladder are examined and certified by international testing institutions in TÜV Rheinland and TÜV SÜD, etc. And has GS and ANSI certificate.

In order to ensure that users can use our products safely and rest assured.

How To Select A Good Aluminium Step Ladder ?

Step 1 - Choose the right style of ladder

There are many styles of aluminium ladders, each designed to keep people safe when working at heights. There is a set of steps on one side of the stepladder and a support on the other side, the two are attached together with hinges so that the ladder can be easily folded and stored. This is the most common ladder for painting and small jobs at a relatively low height. Stepladders usually have only one or two steps and are relatively short. They are used to access the lowest height.


Step 2 - Choose the right height

The aluminium step ladder you use should be high enough to reach the area you want to enter. The extension ladder should be 7-10 feet longer than the highest point of support or contact (such as a wall or roof line). This provides sufficient length for proper installation, overlap of ladder sections, height restrictions for maximum standing height, and ladder extension above the roof line where applicable. The highest standing height is four steps up and down.


On an aluminium step ladder, the highest height for standing is two steps from top to bottom. If you climb higher, you may lose your balance and fall. The maximum safe reach height is approximately 4 feet higher than the height of the ladder. So, for example, if you are painting an 8 foot ceiling, you can safely use a 4 foot ladder.


Step 3-Material of the ladder

The final decision when buying a new steel ladder for home is its type of material. The most common types of ladders are aluminum and fiberglass. Both have features that make them a better choice for specific applications.


For example, if the ladder is used in areas that may come in contact with live wires, fiberglass may be the best choice. However, if the ladder is used for everyday tasks and needs to be lighter for easier storage and transport, aluminum may be a better choice.





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