What Is Aluminium Garden Ladder ?

The use of aluminium garden ladders is gaining momentum because they are made from strong and durable materials. It is used both in commercial and residential properties for both interior and exterior railings and for garden handrail. Some of the most common materials that are used in aluminium construction include aluminium alloy, high impact polymers, stainless steels and thermoplastic blends.


Aluminium garden ladder with a platform foot is ideal to cut back the height of low-level plants of up to 3.11m by using a platform height of 4 ft. Mostly used by commercial and residential gardeners relating to indoor gardening and outdoor landscaping. The step ladder foot is made of tough high impact polymers that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Its step design allows for safe and secure operation under all kinds of circumstances, be it wet or dry climates.


Most aluminium folding ladder foot features a strong, tightly built, rigid step tread design. It is made of heavy gauge steel and has been designed to endure wear and tear due to its rugged design. It also features a foot plate for additional strength and stability. The aluminium ladder foot is also manufactured with an interlocking foot system. This feature allows the user to conveniently fold up the steps during storage.


One of the most innovative and modern types of aluminium ladder foot is the wireking ladder foot. This type of ladder foot is designed to be easily mounted on virtually any kind of doorway. However, the ladder foot of this particular type is not attached directly to the house. Instead, it is fastened to the metal surface on which it is installed. The specially designed hook system enables easy and secure fastening of the ladder foot onto the structure. To add to the convenience of using this type of ladder foot, it comes equipped with a safety stop mechanism that locks itself into place when the steps are turned.

2 Step Aluminium Step Ladder

A great number of people who are living in the UK, the United States and other countries are now switching to a brand new method of climbing ladders; these are the 2 step aluminium step ladders. These are an effective alternative to the traditional step ladders because they offer several benefits over these types of ladders. In fact, they are becoming more popular with each passing day. Below are some of the top reasons why people are now opting to use these types of ladders over the traditional ones:


The greatest advantage that you can get from using an aluminium step ladder is that it is much safer compared to using the traditional one. They provide better safety measures because they ensure that people will not slip or fall when they are walking up and down these ladders. There is also no chance that the person using it could hit their head against something because there are steps at each side of the ladder. This ensures that there is no risk involved at all, which is very important especially if you have little kids at home.


Another great reason why so many people are choosing to use these kinds of ladders is that they are easy to install. With the traditional step ladders, it is necessary to have someone who is qualified in order to install them for you. However, with the double sided aluminium step ladders, you can simply clip it onto the wall without any hassle.


The traditional kind is a lot heavier compared to the slimline platform ladders because it is made from aluminium. For this reason, they are not as portable as the slimline platform ladders are. A person who is going to be carrying a lot of heavy furniture on a regular basis will need to consider investing in a good quality dual purpose aluminium ladder that is made from high quality material such as fibreglass or timber. These types of ladders are very strong and are known for being able to take a lot of weight. However, they are also more costly than the aluminum ladders and this is mainly because they are made from heavier materials.


When it comes to safety, both the traditional and the double sided platform ladders are safe to use. However, they differ in terms of their degrees of safety. With the traditional one, there is a much higher possibility of the bottom part of the staircase collapsing when it is heavily used. The double sided platform is less safe as it has a shorter height which can easily lead to falls due to the lack of railing at the top.


There are a lot of different features that are available when it comes to the double sided platforms as compared to the traditional step ladders. You can get a slimline platform ladder which is very popular nowadays and this is because it provides more safety than a regular step ladder. It can be easily folded and stored when not in use and this is perfect for people who do not have a lot of space at home. A slimline platform ladder is made with a special material which allows it to fold into a very small size. Another great feature of this type of ladder is that it can easily fold into a very small package which is perfect for those people who have limited space in their houses.

What Is Aluminium Loft Ladder With Handrail ?

As with most types of freestanding ladders, an aluminium loft ladder with handrail comes in different lengths to fit most standard bedroom or bathroom widths. Some are even available with a 'threshold' which is a narrow spot just below the top rail to help you balance when you're walking up and down the ladder. This can be useful for those who are often on their feet and need extra support when using the loft ladder. Most of the threshold is either attached to the bottom rail or can be a separate piece fixed to the top rail. A handrail is essential to keep you safe while using your loft ladder so make sure you choose one that suits you best and fits your requirements. Also, it is advisable to ask your home improvement supplier or manufacturer to provide you with additional information about the maximum recommended vertical clearance as they often have measurements on hand to help you identify the correct option.


Vertical clearance - is this required? Again, as with the majority of freestanding ladders, the vertical clearance depends largely on the type of ladder you purchase but most are compatible with all standard heights. If you are buying a freestanding aluminium loft ladder with handrail and wish for more clearance then opt for either a extension (semi) or semi-fold system where the top rail sits a few inches higher than the handrail and the lower rail folds forward to fit neatly against the side walls. This gives you a much longer clearances and should provide better safety when walking or using the ladder.


Horizontal clearance - does the aluminium loft hatch have a side rail? Unfortunately, most aluminium loft hatch systems do not come with a side rail. As a result, you will need to add one yourself or use rails of some kind to accommodate one. You should also check to see if your loft hatch can support a light weight ladder rack as this will allow you to carry heavier items such as walkers or even bicycles with ease. Note that many of the competition does not allow for this so make sure you are buying from a company who will allow this to be an option on their ladder.


Vertical Clearance - does the aluminium loft ladder have a full vertical clearance? Unfortunately, not all are built to strict compliance and therefore you could find that you cannot clear the top part of a wall with a freestanding vertical aluminium ladder. This means that in order to clear even part of the wall, you need to either install rails of some sort (either within the vertical clearance or a separate attachment) or purchase another solution. It is important to note that in many cases, you are limited to a single set of rails (such as those within the handrail) so it may be easier to just purchase a freestanding ladder and install additional ones in the places where you are not able to.


Stowing considerations - are you looking for ease of storage? Many aluminium loft ladders come in a'stow & go' design meaning that they are extremely easy to set up but you do not have the flexibility for stowing once installed. If you are looking for maximum flexibility then consider either a freestanding wooden loft ladder or a retractable design. Both of these options will allow you to take the ladder down and stow it away, keeping you free to carry on with your other tasks.





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