Fiberglass Ladder

Regarding the fiberglass ladder, there are with tool tray type, without tool tray type and dual-purpose ladder,

We designed the fiberglass ladder is made of fiberglass + aluminum material, it is very suitable for electricians.

For the appearance, the glass fiber part can be made red or yellow, and it looks more conspicuous and fashionable.

Besides, the anti-slip foot caps also can make you safety when you use.

In addition, the fiberglass ladder has ANSI certificate, ensure that users can use our products safely and rest assured.

  • Two-way Fiberglass Step Ladder WK7101
  • Fiberglass Ladder WK7210-3

    Fiberglass Ladder WK7210-3

    The profiles for main function of Multi-purpose ladder

     We choose the best quality aluminum ingots and use the most stringent production process, all aluminum ladder must pass a precision grinding cutting and assembly to complete the perfect 100% of solid aluminum ladder, we use the automatic punch machine to produce the relevant parts, industrial automation can make products more safety and more durable performance, the multi-purpose aluminum ladder can switch different scenarios, for security, our r&d staff after many times of finished the product under test.


    We can change its shape in the outdoor or indoor work at will, so it can be used everywhere such as in the workshop, home, industry, it is also one of our best-selling product series, in addition, we are the first choice for OEM factory in the world .


    Q:Why choose aluminum as raw material to manufacture?

    Light weight aluminum tile light weight, environmental protection and economy, safe and firm aluminum tile using a unique waterproof, windproof design nail installation technology, ultra-long life, superior performance, aluminum substrate itself has high temperature resistance, economic and practical aluminum gloss is good


    Q:Do you support OEM service

    Of course, we have been providing the best service for overseas customers, and we have maintained friendly cooperative relations with the world famous aluminum ladder brandssuch as wernerAldi and so on


    Q:Why choose us?

    Focusing on end users' needs drives WIREKING’s success. Our entire product
    design process—from engineering to manufacturing—creates a Self storage
    system that ensures productivity, durability, and safety for the user. In China,
    WIREKING is preferred more than any brand because innovation, safety, and
    durability are built into every product


    Q:What is your lead time ofr production?

    After receiving the deposit, we will make relevant production arrangements within a week and finish the production of the order within about a month. Of course, this depends on the actual situation


    Q:What is your minimum order quantity?

    Our ladder order quantity is 500pcs


    Q:Where is your factory located?

    Our factory is located in Foshan City, China, it takes about an hour from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport to our factory, about an hour from Canton Fair


  • Fiberglass Ladder With Tool Tray WK7203-4C
  • Double Sided Fiberglass Ladder WK7205-4
  • Fiberglass Step Ladder With Tool Tray WK7205




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