Professional Tool Cart with Tool Hanging Board WK5002-3B

  • Model Number: WK5002-3B
  • Brand Name: WIREKING
  • Place of Origin: Foshan, China
  • Size: 3 Layers
  • Material: PP + Steel
  • Open Size: 56x45x140cm
  • Net Weight: 11.3kg
  • Package Size: 45.5x24x57cm
  • Max. Load capacity: 60kg

PRODUCT Description

For this tool cart, the most distinctive feature is that each tool tray is equipped with two detachable partitions and a tool hanging board.

When you want to put in large tools (such as electric drills, hammers), you can freely remove the partitions and put them in. When you want to put in small parts (such as screws, and nuts), you can insert the partition to make the parts sorted clearly.

For the tool hanging board, you can hang the tools or a small toolbox on the board to easy to work. It is very convenient. And the tool hanging board has grey and red two colors for you to choose from.

Regarding the assembly, we have adopted a tool-free installation design, just press the snap button to insert it when installing, and the installation time is only about 3 min.

                        mobile tool cart                 tool cart with wheels

Main material: steel+PP

Size: 3 Layers

Color: black+silver(red)

Max load capacity: 60KG


Item No.

Open size


Net weight


Package size




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WK5002-3B 56x45x140 11.3 45.5x21x57 1 489/977/1111



1. Lightweight steel+PP construction.

2. Comfortable foam handle can make you use it comfortably.

3. 360° universal wheels can make you use them easily.

4. Each layer with two detachable partitions.

5. With tool hanging board.

6. Space-saving package.

7. Easy to transport and use in multiple scenarios.


Scenes of use: 

Garage, workshop, etc.




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