Aluminum Step Laddder WK3027-3C

  • Model Number: WK3027-3C
  • Brand Name: WIREKING
  • Place of Origin: Foshan, China
  • Size: 3 Step
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Open Size: 46.5x82.6x138.4cm
  • Fold Size: 46.5x9.3x148.3cm
  • Net Weight: 5.3kg
  • Top Platform Dimension: 41.1x35.6cm
  • Package Size: 47.5x19.5x149.3cm (2pcs/bun)
  • Max. Load Capacity: 225LB
  • Standard: ANSI Type II

PRODUCT Description

The household aluminum ladder with tool tray (optional) is designed and produced by WIREKING.

This series has 2-3 steps, is made of aluminum+steel structure. It is light weight and strong.

With the top handle and wide top platform can hold you safety to climb and down.

Besides, anti-slip streak and anti-slip foot caps design make it safety when you standing and using.

For this 3 step ladder, you can choose the tool tray type. And you can use it work by yourself.

In addition, it meet ANSI Type II standard. So, you can use it with confidence.



Main material: aluminum+steel

Color: silver+black

Max load capacity: 225LB

Standard: ANSI Type II


Item No.

Open size


Fold size


Net weight


Package size




Loading QTYpcs


WK3027-2 46.5x65.7x101.1 46.5x9.3x108.5 3.5 47.5x19.5x109.5 2 640/1324/1476
WK3027-3 46.5x82.6x125.3 46.5x9.3x134.3 4.5 47.5x19.5x135.3 2 514/1044/1158
WK3027-3C 46.5x82.6x138.4 46.5x9.3x148.3 5.3 47.5x19.5x149.3 2 450/960/1060


1.Lightweight aluminum+steel structure.

2.With the top handle can hold you safety to climb and down.

3.Wide 41.4x35.6cm top platform.

4.Aluminum steps with sealed profile design make it safety when you standing.

5.Anti-slip soft foot caps design make it safety when use.

6.Slim fold to easy to carry and store.

7.Meet ANSI Tyep II.

8.Multi-functional tool tray (optional).

Scenes of use: 

Living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, bathroom, book store, garden, garage etc.




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