Aluminum Ladder Series

Regarding the aluminum ladder, there are step stool, leaning ladder, standing ladder, hinge ladder and work platform.

We designed the aluminum ladder is made of aluminum or aluminum + plastic or aluminum + steel material, it is very strong and lightweight, and very suitable for household use.

For the hinge ladder, we designed with push-knob locking hinges for different position, and it can change many shape to let you fit different working heights.

Besides, the anti-slip foot caps also can make you safety when you use.

The folded size of household ladder is very slim for easy to carry and store, and you can store it in the crevice of the closet or refrigerator.

In addition, the aluminum ladder are examined and certified by international testing institutions in TÜV Rheinland and TÜV SÜD, etc. And has GS and ANSI certificate.

In order to ensure that users can use our products safely and rest assured.

What Are The Advantages of Multi-purpose Aluminium Ladder ?

A multi purpose aluminium ladder is a valuable tool that you can use for many purposes. If you need to paint a wall or hang a picture frame, a folding ladder is your best option. It also folds flat and is convenient for storage. You can easily adjust the height of the ladder by locking the bottom of the rungs two to eleven. It also works great for cleaning windows. You can also use it for cleaning out your attic or trampoline. Moreover, the ladder can be used as two scaffold bases.


A multi-purpose aluminium ladder is ideal for home use. It is versatile enough to be used as a step ladder or extension, and it is equipped with anti-slip foot straps for added stability. It has security locks that allow you to change configurations with ease. It has an excellent flexibility, and it is easy to use. It can also be easily connected to other ladders using a security-locking system.


There are many benefits to buying a multi-purpose aluminium ladder. Its high load-bearing capacity of 330lbs makes it ideal for the attic or bunk beds. It is compact and portable, and can be stored behind cabinets. You can use it for other uses, too. And if you are working around the house, a telescoping ladder is a great solution. It can be used for many tasks, including a trampoline or an above-ground pool.


Another great benefit to multi-purpose aluminium ladders is their lightweight, durable, and versatile design. They are highly resistant to weather and corrosion. They are available in many colors and are durable, allowing them to meet your needs. They are also lightweight, which makes them an excellent choice for a variety of different activities. This is one of the best reasons to own a multi-purpose aluminium ladder. The advantages of a multi-purpose aluminium ladder include:


Multifunctional - this kind of aluminum ladder can be used as scaffolding, inclined ladder, stepladder, and also can be made into a variety of different shapes to meet different height requirements and working needs. 9 different ways can be used for a bridge or temporary construction. Can be used as a single ladder, double-sided ladder, trestle bridge, work platform, stair ladder, telescopic ladder, double ladder, stair ladder, or as two scaffolding bases, etc.

Large stepladder-It is very suitable for lofts, libraries, above ground pools, bunk beds, apartment fire escape stairs, trampolines. Use it to enter your roof or balcony, clean your windows, finish interior and exterior painting and decorating.


Non-slip design - the design of the non-slip zigzag foot strap is used to prevent the ladder from slipping during use to a certain extent; the corrugated edges of the square cross members prevent slipping of the sole as much as possible during use.





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