Wireking New Product Lauch : Stool Box For One Step Folding Stool

  • By:Wireking
  • Date:2021/11/23

After several research for the market, we found out most consumers would prefer the ladders which are lighter and more utility. So we invented this one step folding stool and put it into mass production. This product has a striking and bright look, black and yellow color scheme bold and stylish, in line with today's young aesthetic.



It's only 23.9 CM tall, but it's big enough for an adult to easily touch between 200 and 250cm high. Can also be used as a bench in maintenance, just the right height when working will not feel tired. The tool case on the step surface is made of environmentally friendly plastic that is lightweight and strong enough. The surface has deep anti-slip lines, for safety plus a heavy guarantee. The area in the toolbox is reasonably divided, and all kinds of tools can be placed in it, which is the biggest selling point of this product. In addition, not only one side of the box can be used, even the top cover of the box can be adapted to a variety of screws and drill bits of all sizes.



The toolbox of folding up step stool also has a special handle for easy carrying. While we pay attention to appearance, we don't neglect details. The tool case uses two convenient locks, which are also strong and durable materials that won't be easily aged or damaged by repeated use. TT wear-resistant and non-slip plastic foot covers are used at the bottom of the four-foot tubes of the footstool. Safety is what we always pursue.




Although it is a new product, we sent it to the institution for testing for the first time after the mold was developed and obtained the certificate and patent certificate about our metal folding step stool.



We believe that this product will become a popular product in 2022, which will also help dealers to expand the market. We welcome your inquiry and be pleased to offer our professional service.




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