Top 5 Sales of Aluminum Ladders Under Covid-19

  • By:Wireking
  • Date:2021/11/09

The Covid-19 had an outbreak a round and a round, which made us have to stay at home and hang out less. So what if we can have some fun at home, like we can work from home, cooking, nursing baby children or cleaning your pretty yard.


When it comes to yard cleaning, I can’t help thinking of the ladders, which are one of the best tools in tool warehouse. Steel step stool, folding ladder, working platform, etc. No matter what kind of ladder, it is all advantagerous. In the past year, due to the stay-at-home policy, the sales of ladders have increased. We found there are 5 kinds of multipurpose ladders that are most popular now through research. May I recommend the Top 5 selling ladders to you guys as a reference?  


Top 1


With the square tube handrail easy to grip, non-slipped steps will keep distance from danger. The frame is made of steel, stable and reliable. An additional bonus is that the powder-coated ladder, which is available in pure white and matt classic black, can also be used as a stool. 3 steps are friendly to people of any altitude. The practical and versatile device is discreet in design so that it easily fits into kitchens, corridors and bathrooms, as well as restaurants and shops, whether it is folded together or opened out.


Top 2

As well as the 2 steps steel stool, including all the advantages of 3 steps steel stool, but smaller volume and lighter weight make this item easy to carry and store. Meanwhile, higher cost performance ratio. Extra wide top platform size: 300x200mm, offers heel-to-toe foot support. Besides, this step ladder is very slim, fold size is only 4.5cm for easy storage. 

Top 3

The high handrail 5 steel steps ladder is also popular in the market. No matter climbing to the roof, attic or tree, the height of the top step is more than 1 meter and made of high-class iron with a wide surface, which can meet every situation needs and work when sitting on the ladder. Stable frame bear load of maximum 150kg. The tightly flanged step connection is safer but lighter.


Top 4 


Light weight and durable aluminum construction enable this working platform to win the fourth. Locking legs and skid resistant feet are designed for added safety and stability. The surface is machine pressed with deep anti-slip lines. In general, this item is based on safety. Furthermore, the wide platform offers a big area to work, and you can even place all the tools you need on it.


Top 5 


The 4 x 3 multifunctional folding ladder covers the benefits of almost all types of ladders and can be used as a balance bridge or as a low floor fire ladder. The 3.3-meter-long staircase takes up less than half a square meter when folded. The joints are made of high quality raw materials by one-time die casting to reduce the deformation and displacement caused by the use of complex accessories. Both ends of the aluminium ladders are added to stabilizer bars to ensure that safety accidents will not occur when using.


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