Fare-well Party

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  • Date:2021/07/19

   Recently, We Wireking held a warm and grand fare-well party for Doris, who is the business manager. Because of the transfer of internal work within the Wireking Group, she will be transferred to other divisions from July.

  First of all, Ms Haiyan Liang, the director of operations department, on behalf of the company to send Doris flowers. Then, Doris gave a thank-you speech. At last, Maggei Mao, the G.M. gave her a farewell speech at Wireking Household for the past years.

"Thank you Doris for her hard working at Wireking. I hope that at Wireking’s days will be good time and good memories to Doris. And wish she has a bright future in the new business department.” Maggie said.


Doris is very happy for this farewell party. ”I am grateful to the leaders for their help and support in my work, and I will come back often later. Thanks all !”

At the end of the party, we took photos with Doris and send our best wishes to her!




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