Employee Development & Employee Care

  • By:Wireking
  • Date:2021/02/22

We Wireking highly pay attention to the growth of the company's employees and enable them to better integrate into our company. Recently, an employee symposium in assembly workshop was organized in Guangdong Wireking Household Products Co., Ltd. Ms. Mao Chunmei, general manager of the business department, Mr. Zheng Haixiang, director of the production department, and Mr. Chen Xinyuan, director of the assembly workshop, participated in the symposium and chatted with the employees in the assembly workshop.

Employee Development & Employee Care

In a relaxed and happy atmosphere, all employees in the assembly workshop gave feedback on the company's dormitory, dining hall, workshop environment, and work break time. When the general manager heard feedback from some employees that, there were some positions in the workshop (posts with plastic packaging) that were relatively hot, she immediately ordered the relevant departments to install water-cooled fans as soon as possible. At the same time, the dormitory air-conditioning cleaning project is required to be completed as soon as possible, so that employees can enjoy the coolness when they are resting or working in the hot summer.

After seeing the vocal guarantees from the general manager and the corresponding persons, the employees all were thankful and laughed. In the applause of the employees, Minister Zheng answered questions one by one and implemented them to relevant departments. At the same time, he encouraged employees to give more opinions and suggestions in the future work and life, continuously improve themselves, and continuously improve their learning ability, growing with the company.

Employee Development & Employee Care

This is the executive, people-oriented style of work at Wireking. Do good things for employees, do practical things, show the company's caring feelings in small views, win the trust of front-line employees, and further enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the company.




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