Dragon Boat Festival Condolences

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  • Date:2021/06/30

Before the Dragon Boat Festival, on June 12, Liang Jiabin, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Lunjiao Subdistrict and Director of the Office, and his entourage went to Wireking Group to carry out the Dragon Boat Festival condolences and supervise the safety production work. Guo Qidong, secretary of the Lunjiao Sanzhou Neighborhood Committee, and other leaders accompanied him.


To further understand the needs of enterprises through the pre-holiday condolences, Director Liang Jiabin presented the Dragon Boat Festival gifts such as rice dumplings and Lunjiao cakes, which were personally received by Mr. Xie Bingxuan, president of Guangdong Wireking Group.


This condolences fully reflects the government's care and support for enterprises, and further strengthens the communication and cooperation between the government and enterprises. In the future, Wireking steel ladder manufacturer will continue to support and cooperate with the government and strive to give full play to the responsibilities and obligations of the enterprise.




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