BPD Lean Improvement Project

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  • Date:2021/06/30

In order to improve the company's product competitiveness and create high-profit, low-cost, and easy-to-manufacture explosive products, we Wireking steel ladder manufacturer launched a BPD lean improvement project. The Management Committee and engineers at all levels participated in the development of explosive products. There has been a breakthrough.



All department staff participates in teacher Li Qun’s knowledge sharing and training on BPD projects.

The project team disassembled the company's products and equivalent competing products and analyzed the parts. At the same time, they also analyzed quality, cost, function, delivery, and other aspects. After three rounds of proposals, sorting out, and feasibility analysis, they worked out improvement plans.

This BPD project was led by Mr. Li Qun, and all members of the management committee participated in the whole process. During the project process, various departments coordinated and helped each other, analyzed the excellent competitors in the industry, and conducted a comprehensive comparative analysis of our products. Finally, with the hard work and cooperation of all members, many innovative ideas and improvement plans have been obtained and will be quickly implemented.




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